Corporate Social Impact Strategy & Program Implementation

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Increase Your Impact & Your Bottom Line

At Otraway, we work with corporations who believe in innovation, are looking to improve their businesses and contribute to the greater good. We help you achieve the greatest community impact and fiscal return by:

  • Performing Current Asset & Opportunity Assessments

  • Campaign Strategy and Narrative Support

  • Partnership Strategy and Relationship Management with Vetted Nonprofits

  • Implementation of Social Impact Plan

  • Annual Impact Measurement Reports

Unilever Study

$1.2 trillion opportunity exists for brands that make their sustainability credentials clear.

Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer

61% of employees choose, leave avoid, or consider employer based on their values and beliefs.

Porter Novelli’s 2021 Business of Cancel Culture Study

88% of Americans are more willing to forgive a company for making a mistake if it genuinely tries to change and 73% say they are less likely to cancel a company if it is Purpose-driven.

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